Should have seen it coming…

Group dynamics in the Philippines is always marred by politics.

Be it in a husband-wife situation (Hey baby…there, it’s ALL politics), a small office (that’s the reason why I’m a solo practitioner) or even in professional groups (like groups of doctors, dentists, architects, lawyers… especially lawyers).

Imagine the politics/group dynamics in a political party. They’re a politicians, for Pete’s sake. Hey, these people engage in politics for a living.

Any group dynamics felt in smaller, more insignificant groups gets magnified a million times if we’re talking about politicians.

So when that little coup ocurred in the Liberal Party, the victim(s) thereof can only blame themselves.

They should have seen it coming. They should have spotted this brewing miles away and should have done something about it. Like declare a “national emergency” of their own…

If they attack the powers that be and fail to take them out, they better be prepared for a counter-attack (or a counter-strike, for gaming fans). And expect the counter to come from everywhere and anywhere. Not just in the Senate.

Were they busy guarding their precious Senate positions that they failed to spot the plots in their own parties? Were they too focused on their goal that they forgot they had other things to contend with. Did they keep their eyes on the ball too much?

They should have seen this coming. I did.

So why didn’t they?

For this, they deserve to lose.

Because they’re losers.


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