Getting old…

Whew! How time flies!

One minute, you’re in tip-top shape, in the prime of your life, capable of getting it on for at least four times in one session.

Then, you realize, you can’t even deal with four San Mig Lights, going home and realizing you’ve been rubbing your legs and knees with Bengay Ultra Strength every day for the past week… and not feeling it sear through my skin…

Then, waking up late not feeling well (it’s not only a hangover), hence missing my choir practice over at the EDSA Shrine.

So now, I’m just blogging and relaxing, while listening to James Ingram’s greatest hits album, streamed from Lindsay to Jessica courtesy of the handy iTunes library sharing function over the wifi network. Works like a charm, with minimum music quality loss.

I tried to stream from Lindsay to Mandy a few months back, but it came out stuttery, probably because that stream is only wifi-b. The flawless one comes from the wifi-g stream because of the more-than-quadupled bandwidth. Heck, I could even blog and surf with it at the same time!

Anyway, happy weekend everyone. And as Manolo says, “A restful weekend for us all.” I’ll probably get some shut-eye before my other choir practice at 6:00 p.m.




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3 responses to “Getting old…

  1. kuya punz, you must really have a nice voice ha 🙂 parinig nga minsan 🙂

    who’s getting old? you??? kuya, never say that. kailangan palaging strong so drink milk instead of san mig *hehehe*


  2. Dude, you sure it’s Ben-Gay and not K-Y?!?! ;p

  3. @jaleesa: I don’t sing in the choir. I play the flute. My singing voice is only good in the shower…

    @cat: How I wish!

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