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Jove Francisco’s current entry on Selective Amnesia pointed me back to reading Atty. Teddy Te’s blogs. He’s a blogger since 1999.

His “main” blog, Vincula contains his opinions and personal thoughts on a wide variety of subjects. His “law” blog, The Grand Manner, is his more formal law blog.

Met the guy quite a few years ago when a mutual client introduced me to him. He may not remember me now, as event was not that significant.

Let me just say, in my book, what he lacks in height (pardon, sir), he more than makes up for in stature. Not like some other “little” person I know. Atty. Te is a million times wealthier than that other little person we all know.

Perhaps, in the tempest that was the last four years of my life, I have missed the forrest for the trees. But let me just get over this financial hump and I will definitely refocus. And he’s a very good role model.

I’ll try to read his blogs as often as I can. Maybe you should too.


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