The day started out well.

Reported to my consultancy and I was just killing time at some mall during lunchtime when I got hit with a bum stomach, forcing me to come home and just rest.

That bummer made me miss choir service at the EDSA Shrine and along with that, the chance to see a dear friend (perhaps for the last time) before he migrates to Australia with his family.

I’m severely tempted to offer him our newly-renovated house for a despedida (farewell party). But let’s see first because I’m waiting for certain things to happen (on Tuesday, to be more or less specific).

Anyway, a friend/client invited me, bum stomach and all, to his place to hang out later on that that. There I learned terms like “Red Cross, Cutting Corners,” “Heaven and Hell” apart from “5 Card Stud,” “Low-Ball” and the now-famous “Texas Hold’em.” Even had some girl company at some later point, but that’s all there is.

It was fun, nonetheless. But now I feel worse. Anyway, I’ll rest for now because I still have a client call today. And then there’s regular choir…

Have a good weekend, everyone!


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