True Colors

Chalk up one reason to go against charter change with the people running the government.

Here’s the plan:

1. Attack the Senate to make is appear it sorely needs to be abolished. This accomplishes two things, namely, it prepares the people to actually want charter change. Also, it diverts the people’s attention away from it’s own performance (which is pass the budget 8 months late, with increasing pork as the only major revision).

2. With the Senate out of the way, it can the pretty much the hell it wants.

But on second thought, the people merely got the government they deserved. Once again I say, by allowing themeselves to get paid (and even outright seeking payment at the outset), the electorate reduced itself to paid hacks. Those elected will naturally lose respect for them, since they know it does not matter how well or how poorly they served the public good. Come election time, what only matters is how much they will get paid.

Oh, well!


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