How low can you go?

I mentioned over at the my corner blog about a brewing development over an issue of "national concern."

Well here it is.

How low can some people go? And I don't mean that in a limbo way…

Leave it to the Filipino "the best defense is offense" mentality.

You have to understand, we're not talking of the claimants themselves here. We're talking about the children. Fighting words will be exchanged when children's futures are concerned.

These these people now have the gall to play victim in this whole situation?

And what about the main case? Why did this countersuit appear to be gaining ground ahead of the main suit(s)?

Don't allow these claimants to become a lynch mob. When that happens, you can throw all that legal strategizing from Makati down the tubes.

Try seeking a TRO for that. And if you manage to get one (I will not be surprised though if these people could get injunctions against God Himself), good luck trying to enforce it.

And there goes that so-called "legacy" down the tubes with it.


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