Abenojar’s Second Everest

The lack of media fanfare as Dale Abenojar returns to the Philippines shows that he faces his second uphill climb– proving he was the first.

The Philippine Everest Team already laid his Base Camp for him. As early as the end of May, this team, with a giant media organization that does not have a choice but to back them, already disputed Dale's claim by citing reasons such as his lack of experience, etc.

Of course, the people who claim to be the first, Leo Oracion and Pastour Emata, would definitely be Camps 2 and 3. Their professional reputations are likewise on the line. Already, Oracion stated Abenojar could have scaled another peak because he allegedly did not see what was seen in Dale's picture.

And who are we to tell? We have not been there.
But Camp 4 would definitely be the media organization that placed its bet on the Philippine Everest Team. That would not care about the truth anymore, with the amount of money it sunk in. And it could sink in some more money to defend the claim, by bringing forth experts upon experts to dispute the conflicting claim. Or it could just simply ignore the conflicting claim and let it die from lack of attention.

Anyway, Dale Abenojar better get his sherpa for what could be an even greater challenge of his life. I suggest he get the rival media organization to help him. You know, the one that also has an interest in embarrasing its rival any chance it gets…


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