Don’t Count on it…

I wouldn’t count on anything moving forward with the arrest of “Joke-Joke” Bolante in the United States.

Sure, he was arrested in the United States for an alleged visa violation.

But what kind of a legal bind is he anyway? I say not much.

The worst thing that he faces in the United States is deportation.

In the Philippines, what charges does he face? Virtually none.

The only standing violation he has right now is contempt of the Senate, for continually snubbing its committee hearings. He can easily take care of this by just appearing there. He can even argue that the warrant is moot and academic because that committee already concluded its hearings and even finished its report.

And even if he is forced to testify, he can invoke a lot of rights (like his right against self-incrimination) and just clam up. The Senate would just end up as fools there.

Which leaves us with his pending charges elsewhere. Obviously, the proper prosecutorial agencies are taking their sweet time charging him with anything. And the people have already been conditioned to “move on” while “time heals all wounds.”

So don’t count on him getting the justice he deserves. And don’t let his denial of assistance from his “former” friends fool you.

I wouldn’t and I’m not, just as I don’t count on getting anywhere with Gen. Carlos Garcia, whose fate we do not know anymore. Last time we heard, he won the perjury round.

Or like Garci, he’ll probably fade into the sunset and the public will eventually become disinterested.


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