Who the hell do you think you are?

No one is above the law.

Just because you are an impeachable officer does not make you such. It does not make you immune from suit. There is nothing in the 1987 Constitution that says you are, unlike the President and members of the legislature. I checked.

And yet, you question the only authority that can investigate you. Congress cannot do that because the impeachment process does not result to jail time.

It only clearly and unmistakably shows that you have something to hide, as you hide behind this flimsy technicality. If you’re truly innocent, defend yourself on the merits.

And with the loss of public trust on the institution you head, you even have the temerity to act like there’s nothing wrong with the system you preside over.

You refuse, naively or deliberately, to admit there’s something wrong when the writing is all over the wall. That’s what really gets to me.

I think you better just resign out of sheer principle. If you had some left.

This is the final straw for me. I have lost trust in you. And I hope a lot of people feel the same way, too.


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