A person whose email address is espogi4@yahoo.com submitted a comment. It’s an intriguing idea, but he posted it in the wrong section of my blog. But rather than simply discard it, I will repost it here, give a little comment and leave you to discuss this matter:

He writes:

It was during law school when I first conceived this idea.

I noticed that despite having two degrees, i.e., Pre-Law and Law Proper, and further considering having passed the Civil Service Professional Exam for those Pre-Law courses which have no Licensure examination, law graduates have no title by which they can be properly addressed.

Before going further, let me get this straight. I know that once I post this message, a lot of comments will surely flood this thread. I am certainly not after titles or designations but let us be practical and realistic. Having two degrees or more, one of which is Law, is definitely something. Everybody knows that. But just because a Law graduate did not make it in the Bar Exams, it seems that his or her two degrees have no value at all.

Let’s face it: not all Bar examinees are going to become lawyers. At least during the moment when he or she failed on his or her first, second, or even up to fifth attempts. But what happens if he or she never makes it after the fifth attempt? Will his or her two degrees amount to nothing? As I’m saying this, again, I know, those who read this would like to post their comment right away.

But hear me on this first. I know you want me to spell out what I have in mind. Here it is: I’m proposing a Resolution to the Hon. Supreme Court for the latter to grant title to Law graduates who have passed the Career Service Professional Exam or other equivalent licensure examination. You might want to suggest the title for the Hon. Supreme Court to consider.

I had been looking for my proposed Resolution for sometime now in my files. There I have stated in the preamble the reasons why law graduates should have appropriate title by which they can be addressed. Of course, not the title “Atty.” but at least a more dignified one. We don’t want them to be ridiculed just because they failed the Bar exams.

As you well knew, non-lawyers are allowed to appear in lower courts. In my practice, I am quite uncomfortable each time the Hon. Judge calls a law graduate simply as “Mister” or “Miss”. A distinction between a plain high school graduate and a Law graduate should at least be made.

So, what do you think? Am I just wasting your precious time making unmeritorious proposal or will you be bold enough to consider it? Your suggestions and even your own version of the proposal will certainly be appreciated.

So what do you think about his proposal?

Personally, I’m not in favor of this. Sorry.

If you don’t pass the bar you can’t practice law. It’s as simple as that. And giving some sort of a title to people who don’t pass the bar will give them some sort of license to practice law. That’s dangerous for me.

How about you? What do you think?



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4 responses to “Titles

  1. Da Vina

    What “title”?

    For me giving titles to law graduates who didn’t pass the bar is ridiculous. “consuelo de bobo” as they term it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s just what I think.

    Why don’t you propose that the bar exams become “bottomless” instead? Like iced tea? 🙂

  2. An

    Well, if that would be the case, then what would be the best title to give those who took their Pre-Med and Med Proper but were unlucky to pass the Board Exam?

    I am not a lawyer. I didn’t take law too. But the Bar Exam is a standard or a measure to draw that thin line between those who really know the law by heart and mind, and those who were that close to put it in their heart. Of course, we would prefer to work with those who know the law by heart and mind.

    Just my two cents.

  3. Roy

    Isn’t a graduate of law entitled to have LLB (Legum Baccalaureus) at the end of their names which means they have studied and graduated with a Degree of Bachelor in Law but not able to exercise the duties of a Bar exam passer. ie litigate or represent.

    Atty. (appended after passing the Bar Exams) is the Title that gives one the privilege to practice Law

    In the same way that Medical School Graduates have MD at the end of their names to signify that they have Graduated from a Medical School but cannot function independently prior to passing the licensure exams and have Dr. as a prefix in their names.

    IMHO why deprive someone of a title they have worked for.

  4. Interesting discussion here. Giving a title to a graduate not passing a bar exam or any licensure examination (Engineer, etc.) will create a lot of challenges. It is possible but once you give this one such recognition, the rest would clamor (I can imagine Education graduates not passing the board exam asking for a title).

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