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The will of the people must never be silenced…

Salus Populi est Suprema Lex.
(The will of the people is the supreme law.)

The recent dismissal of FPJ’s protest sounded the death knell for the opposition’s hopes to regain power. It appears, therefore, that whatever issue or question on the present administration’s legitimacy has been put to rest. Political, economic and social stability should be the expected result.

But wait…

They forgot this latin maxim. Remember this and remember this well. Salus populi est suprema lex.

The will of the people is the supreme law. (The latin version sounds cooler, don’t you think?)

All technicalities must yield to the will of the people. This is not a question of who decides and who benefits. This is a question of truth.

And now we’ll never know…



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Punzi’s handy-dandy universal theory on women…

Women are far superior than men… and do you know why?

Simple. They can easily manipulate us. Trust me. This is not only from my own personal experience (and more than a couple of beers, if I may add). There is some historical truth to what I am about to say. Many wars have been fought, many countries, governments, large companies and marriages have been destroyed, conquered, taken over and handed over to women just because they can and actually did. There is no need for any historical enumeration to prove this point.

And you need not look far. The shrewdest businessman was never be fooled by his colleagues in their respective transactions, only to have his clock (as well as his riches) cleaned by his mistress he picked up in some girlie bar. Mind you, this mistress probably never had a college degree and yet cleaned his Ivy-league educated man for everthing he’s got.

Imagine, from personal experience, I was never a match for a college drop-out receptionist, even with my law degree (that I earned after eight years of university study) and several year’s worth of law practice.

How, you say, are we easily manipulated? They know how to push our buttons to get what they want. As a matter of fact, we men have only one button to push. And women know this and push it well…

For women, the task is simple and very easy to accomplish. They just have to get our other “head” down “there” to override our true heads. Yeah you know… the one that actually thinks.

They just have to give us the mere promise or even hope of future copulation. The very act or the deed itself is even purely optional on their part.

Once they succeed and our other head takes over, they can pretty much have their way with us. At that point, we are pretty much at their mercy.

Face it. How many of us would have jumped over the highest mountain, swam the deepest ocean, plucked the stars out of the night sky to string into pearl necklaces and all that other “romantic” crap just to “get the girl?” And what does “getting the girl” really mean? Admit it. It’s simply getting the girl in the sack.

And that’s why they can get their way with us men. They know we men want one thing and only one thing from them. You think we are just using them. On the contrary, they are just using us to get what they want.

And just what do women want? We men don’t have a clue.

That’s our weakness. They know what we want but we don’t know what they want.

C’mon. When the chips are down, you know what I just said is true. We are inferior beings compared to them.

So now you know, my friends. And, as GI Joe and my fellow-blogger officemate says, “Knowing is half the battle.”


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Easter Message…

Sa pagsapit ng Linggo ng Pagkabuhay nitong taon ng kailangangkailangang pagbabago para sa Pilipinas, ating alalahanin ang bagong pag-asang sinasagisag ng dakilang araw na ito matapos tayong tubusin sa ating mga kasalanan ng ating Panginoong Hesukristo. [As Easter comes in this year of much needed reforms for the Philippines, let us remember the new hope symbolized by this holy day after Jesus Christ redeeemed our sins.]

Christ’s passion gave birth to a new man; so too our struggle for urgent change will find transformation into a new nation with more jobs, cleaner environment, safer streets, more investments, and freedom from the ills of crushing debt, endless poverty, and vile corruption.

Huwag tayong mawalan ng pagasa sa kabila ng maraming mga pagsubok. Isulong natin ang ating bansa sa klarong direksyon mula sa inyong halal na liderato, desididong aksyon sa Kongreso, at pagkakaisa ng taumbayan. [We must not lose hope inspite of all these setbacks. Let us move our country in a clear direction from your elected leaders, resolute action from Congress, to the unity of the people.]

Nawa’y laging maghari ang pag-ibig ng Diyos sa ating mga puso upang tuluyan na nating makamit ang makabuluhang pagbabagong maghahatid sa atin ng kapayapaan at kaunlaran. Nawa’y mapaikot na natin ang ekonomiya at makapagbigay ng tunay na puhunan sa buhay ng karaniwang Pilipino. [May the love of God reign in our hearts so that we can truly achieve relevant change that will bring us peace and prosperity. May we finally turn around our economy and give true quality of life to the common Filipino.]

We must stay the course, as Christ did, to eventual triumph. We must stay the course until the Philippines has turned the corner. In the end the weak-willed and the self- serving will be changed or cast off. In the end the corrupt will be indicted and convicted, and their ill-gotten gains forfeited to the government. And our faith and perseverance will win support and vindication from the people.

Happy Easter to all!

-President GMA’s Easter 2005 Message

At the outset, this statement is sooooo easy to make sitting in a comfortable chair in an air-conditioned room (or comfy in the cold climate relaxing during a vacation break) where you really don’t have to worry about where you’ll get your next meal, or where you’ll be able score some money to pay mounting debts. Practising philosophy, economics, or law is always easy from an armchair. There is really a tendency to wax poetic, philosophical and even religious if you never really know what hunger or even burden really is.

What course is it? Heavier burden for the poor by additional taxation? There is only so much the people can take. There has to be a better way of doing this. There must be an equality of sacrifice and the burden should be equitably distributed. The additional taxes will barely make a dent in the rich person’s coffers. For the middle class downwards, however, it will mean their quality of life will suffer a major downgrade…again. And where will all these additional taxes go?

All this talk about the self-serving, weak-minded and corrupt people getting what they deserve has become worn-out lip service. These people can afford to have the wheels of justice turn their way. Believe me, I know this for a fact.

Finally, true change should begin from within. And I mean this in more ways than one.

Happy Easter, Philippines!

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Where the system has gone too far…

The Terri Schiavo case has been brewing for the past few years when she collapsed on 25 February 1990 allegedly due to a potassium imbalance.

As this story nears its logical conclusion, I was just thinking, the world spends a ton of money trying to implement a “humane” death penalty on convicted criminals who have committed crimes heinous enough to forfeit their lives. But at the same time, some people battle for the right to die by denying an alleged vegetative person food and water.

How come an innocent person gets to die by food and water deprivation while convicted and hardened criminals get a painless lethal injection or cynide gas in an expensive execution chamber?

How did the system get so twisted and perverted that a criminal gets a “humane” death and an innocent person gets to die like a dog?

I believe with the right to die, assuming it exists, comes the right to die humanely. I believe Terri Shiavo, at the very least, is entitled to die with dignity.

Where has this world gone to?

Some have criticized countries with death penalty like ours as barbarians. At least these countries take pains to provide a humane death even to criminals. Denying a dignified death to an innocent person is even more barbaric.

My lenten recollection…

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The stupid laws we come up with…

I was so late for my meeting yesterday with a client because my mom asked me to go to the bank for some errands. It took me more than an hour before my turn because of the long line. Worse, we have this stupid ordinance banning the use of celphones inside bank premises.

I could have done a lot of things while stuck there waiting for my turn. But no! This stupid ordinance will not let me. The bank guards enforce this strictly.

I could not get hold of this ordinance from the web. Even the city’s website is down. It figures…I wanted to know who authored this stupidity so I can lambast him/her.

Apparently this celphone ban was for “security” reasons.

There are reasonable “security reasons” for banning celphone use in banks. In some US cities, there is a ban on celphones with built-in cameras. This is more reasonable and/or understandable. It would prevent would-be bank robbers from taking snaps or videos of the bank setup.

But the ban here covers all use, from phone calls to text messages. But if I step out of the bank doors, however, the prohibition ceases and the guards let me be. So what’s the difference? If I was the bank robber, I would just step out to call and/or text my cohort that “It’s ok to rob the bank now…” And I will not be stupid enough to shout that inside or outside the bank. Of course it will be in code (such as, “The Hen is in the coop…, The Rat is in the hole…, etc.).

Sad to say it’s very hard to give up the convenience of a celphone given my profession. If a bank is inefficient enough to make me wait in line for more than an hour, they better let me use my damn celphone. At least I could have something better to do in the meantime.

Do you know the worse part of that bank experience was? I was not even depositing my own money. It was just my uncle’s pension checks since he’s in the States. The experience did not even benefit me at all, except maybe as blog material.

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A multiple loss…

Well our supposed “best hope” Manny Pacquiao lost by unanimous decision to Erik Morales. I was planning to watch the fight “via satellite” on cable but it became clear to me that “via sattelite” does not equal “live” because I listened to a blow by blow account on a.m. radio when I was going home from running errands.

The radio reporter said they were in the 4th round when the TV coverage was still showing the undercards. So I just opted for the live audio.

Reports also revealed that there were a lot of Filipino politicians who went to the Sin City to watch the fight live. It was soooo easy for them to go there, since they did not spend a single penny of their money. This disgusts me more than Manny’s loss.

When Manny lost, I was so pissed-off that I chose not to watch the fight and instead watched Star Trek: Nemesis on HBO and then American Chopper on Discovery. And now as I blog, the events of today reveal losses on multiple levels. Consider the following:

1. The one that bought broadcast rights lost to the radio stations armed with nothing more than a reporter who bought a ticket to the MGM Grand with a post-paid cellular phone.

2. Manny Pacquiao lost to Erik Morales and all that conditioning and training was overcome by nothing more than an “accidental” headbutt.

3. The Filipino people is the double loser today. Not only were they robbed of their pride, but their money as well because the scum-of-the-earth politicians spend their money to watch the fight live and gamble the people’s money in the Sin City.

I am getting sooooo frustrated with this country… I heard New Zealand is a good place to migrate. If anyone reading this has some information on how to migrate there, please let me know. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

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Things I’ve always wanted to tell older lawyers

Was planning to postpone this blog until next week. But the events of the day provides the perfect backdrop for this blog. There will be other things to blog about next week. Hey, I might even blog religious since Good Friday and Easter are coming up…

Since I almost succumbed to the flu yesterday after another all day meeting with a client (remember them, the ones that did not think I was “high-caliber?) I thought my day was going to be routine. I was just planning to catch up on some paperwork and report to my government consultancy office for the day.

I friend (that fellow blogger I already blogged about) asked me to attend a meeting to settle a case of my client that I asked him to handle. In short, it was for my client, but I asked that friend to handle this particular case for me. Why I gave him this case is another story…

I had a bad feeling going there. Traffic was unusually heavy that I ended up fifteen minutes late. And lo and behold, the gang was all there. The entire board of the company we sued was there. And there he was, a high-caliber elderly lawyer.

He is well known as he was a former justice and current lawyer of a former president under “resort” arrest for graft and corruption. Turns out he is a member of this board, as well as its legal counsel.

So the meeting begins. The president (I presume) starts with a litany of damages we have caused him. Then he proposes a settlement and this blew me away… He proposes to “live and let live.”

What the f@c& was that! They made me drive through EDSA at rush hour and then offered that settlement! I know they were using that “high-caliber” lawyer to attempt to intimidate me… Unfortunately for them, outnumbered or “outgunned” though I may be, I made it pretty clear that even if we lose the case, they lose the war. And in the process, I even acquired information I can use against them later on.

This provides the perfect background to tell you the things I’ve always wanted to tell lawyers like the ones I met today. Here goes…

1. Never rest on your laurels for you are only as good as your last work.

2. Reputation does not equal ability.

3. I know how to win.

4. Never, EVER, underestimate your adversary.

5. I know what you’re trying to pull because I’m trying to pull the same thing.

6. Try to keep up with the times. Even if you’re seventy years old and full of experience, you may be beaten by a rookie with a laptop, a PDA and WiFi.

7. Arrogance, like flattery, will get you nowhere.

8. Given the justice system today, settle.

9. I still got 30 years on me. How about you?

10. It’s never personal. It’s just work.

I just hope they don’t read this. They may get ideas.

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