Addicted to Vicks…

Blogging is but the newest of my addictions…

Sure, we all have our own little addictions. To some, it’s the vices (sex, drugs, alcohol, etc.) which is bad. Some have good vices (oxymoronic?). To some, it’s gaming, chatting, friendster, surfing, etc.

But I have an addiction that I had since high school. Sniffing Vicks Vaporub.

I have a big jar near my bed for easy access. You can see easily it in the picture of my laptop posted in my friendster account. As a matter of fact, there is also a small vicks container there that I take everywhere I go. And I’m actually sniffing it while blogging right now…

In fact, I immediately buy one from anywhere if I forgot to bring it with me. My high school classmates know this so well that they looked for my Vicks during our 10th anniversary reunion in 1997… Clients are not offended. In fact, they borrow my Vicks whenever they see me using it.

Mind you, I know I’m not alone in this addiction. During our family reunion last Christmas, I went up to the mic and asked, “If you have a Vicks container, please raise it up.” Half the people there raised their Vicks. Genetic and/or hereditary… Some people even raised their “White Flowers.”

Now that’s really hardcore addiction!



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26 responses to “Addicted to Vicks…

  1. graduate na ko sa vicks although hindi parin nawawalan ng vicks sa bahay. ngayon efficascent oil extra strength na tinitira ko … he he he

  2. Grabeh Bambit! I only use that for aches and pains (along with BenGay Ultra Strength)


  3. Kakaiba ‘to for me…hehehe…it’s good knowing this side of you too, Punzi πŸ˜€

  4. Sam

    ok ah. yung late maternal lola ko naman ganyan din. kaya lang mas marami karga nya palagi, may vicks, white flower, efficascent, etc…kaya tawag namin sa bag nya pharmacy. buti na lang walang dinadampot dahil sa addiction sa Vicks…hehehe. atty. dapat gawin kang stockholder ng kumpanya ng Vicks.:D

  5. Oo nga, Sam. Either damputin ako kung ma-classify na “dangerous/regulated drug” and vicks…

    Before I went to law school, I seriously considered working for P&G, the makers of Vicks here. Almost accepted because of Vicks…heheheheh!

  6. whoa! vicks??? this is something new, hehe! kakaiba talaga s’ya! πŸ™‚

  7. iuam

    hi!di ka nag-iisa.hehe.i, myself, is very addicted to vicks vaporub.hahaha.mei kilala pa ko na isa,classmate ko naman xa.sarap kasi sa pakiramdam.hehe.well,my mother is also a lawyer,and guess what?she,too, is or i can say was addicted to vicks.hehe.kaya lang nagshift na sya sa ibang drug.menthol stick naman.hehe.:) share ko lang.hehe.nice blog.;)
    *this is where i usually get my research in PGC.
    thanks for the infos.;)

  8. Veru

    I love vick vaporub too!!! I just cant live without it!

  9. I love Vicks Vaporub, too! I use it when I have a cold and for achy joints and muscles. Sometimes, I breath it just because I like it so much.


  10. Ty

    I also am addicted to vicks. My friends make fun of me. My family is concerned. I haven’t found any info. saying it is dangerous. I do know that the generics just don’t do it for me. I also noticed that the ingredients in one of the generics was turpentine. This concerned me. I don’t see that on the vicks label though. I feel I will never stop this habit. I sure hope it is safe!

  11. farzana

    hey! im so glad to find out that im not alone in that situation. Im VerY addicted to tht.. I have at least 3 jars on stock… i snifffff it while watching tv, surfing on net, before sleeping, on waking up… its always around near me… and i cant stop!!!
    I have cut a small square shaped sponge and i rub some vicks on it… and its sooo goood to sniff…

    I really want to quit… because im worried abt my health… I dont know if its safe or not…

  12. Kathy

    I have been addicted to Vicks for 40+ yrs. Only, I not only put it in my nose I also ingest it. That’s right! I eat it straight from the jar. Haven’t had any ill effects that I know of. Always wondered if my body was in need of a mineral or vitamin?

  13. kunal

    i have sniffin it since i wz a baby glad 2 here im nt the only 1………………..well i jst red tht eating vicks is dangerous so dun do it
    all the bst

  14. chachinn

    im addicted to vicks too! wow,. it feels good to belong,. lol! inhaler or vaporub im hooked! kung meron lang perfume na vicks binili ko na,. as weird as it may sound sometimes sniffing aint enough (well i’ve tasted vicks before and,. yeah by putting some over my closed eyes to force me to sleep as well,. so useful i know!) that i get small cotton balls, dip it sa vicks and stick it up my nostrils,. aaahhh! better than inhaler,. i heard its not good for the health,. well any addiction is.

  15. Emma

    And here I thought was the only one! I just adore the smell of Vicks. To me, it’s all in the consistency. I actually sit on the jar to soften it out abit!

  16. klaus

    Oh my God! I never thought so many people had this “addiction”. I actually only use it at night before bedtime; I spread it at the bottom of the nose/nostrils (not inside) and it helps me breath better. I have been doing this for years. But I am starting to wonder if this isn’t having adverse effects. Lately I had been putting on a bit more, and I have noticed that I have started being congested for no reasons during the day. I don’t have a cold or any allergies, but my sinuses seem to get all stuffed up for no reason. I am going to research this to see if prolonged use of Vaporub can have such effects.

  17. Debbie

    I am so glad I am not alone. I also sniff vicks, like all the time. I have Emphysema and it does help that too but mostly i sniff it cause it smells so good. And no it doesnt get you high. But my boyfriend is getting fed up with my habit. don’t know what to do since hiding it from him is hard.

  18. Anniee-Marie

    wow i thought i was the only one in the world…

    well my story is a bit different. for the past year or two. I continuously started to put vicks vaporub up in my nostrils. Its smells really nice and opens my sinuses. in just a few days i can finish a whole 6 oz. container and sometimes i buy two or three vicks at once so i dont keep going back to the store. I wouldnt really say i have an addiction, im just 16 years old. i just do it when i have nothing to do basically. If im with friends hanging out or on the phone or doing anything thats keeping me busy i wouldnt be thinking about vicks. But once im home, bored, not hungry and just left with nothing to do. I”ll put some vicks up my nostrils, breathe it in and after a while when i cant smell the vicks anymore gone. I do it again and again.

    i mean i know what im doing isnt right, i just kind of want to stop (well only use vicks when im sick and really need it). Its starting to concern me now because im beginning to lose my sense of smell alittle and i dont wanna be married with kids and still do this. Also i would like to know if i continue to do this what will eventually happen to me. (any doctors out there LOL). I dont think ill die because of vicks.

    soo anyone who has any solutions/suggestions. Pleasee post them. Im curious to see what you guys have to say.

    If anyone else is doing exactly what i am, feel free to share it with me because i seriously feel like im the only person doing this !

  19. Simi

    Hey i thought i was the only one! I stuff vicks up my nostrils everyday. I noticed if i use too much in my nostrils i get a headache, but i still do it. I even put vicks over my eyelids. I use vicks on my lips as a lip balm. I think i have an addiction!

  20. Steve

    These comments are jokes, right?

  21. Girlgenius87

    Thanks, everyone, for all the reassurance. I have probably been sniffing Vicks, stuffing it into my nostrils, and rubbing it all over my face and body for almost a year now. My family is concerned too, but for a while I was sniffing more dangerous things like glue, white-out, shoe polish, etc. which are definitely toxic for your brain if you inhale them. Vicks creates a more pleasing sensation inside and out, and has no toxic ingredients. πŸ™‚

  22. I wonder if it has any side effects?

  23. Suresh Nedungadi

    Vicks Vapour Rub is one of the best soothing medicine i have ever had in my Life. For me it is an addiction. Inhailing Vicks in the night takes me slowly to sleep. It act as a cool music before sleeping. The side effects is yet to know.

  24. person

    I’m wondering if anyone knows if this is addictive if you do excstasy and than rub it on the bottom of your nose. feels really good.
    does anyone know?
    i should stop soon, if it is.

  25. Vicks contains camphor oil which soothes the nerves and relaxes the brain, camphor is also addictive. Its ok to smell it but don’t overdo on the vix, long term abuse of camphor oil causes the brain to mess up in such a way, that you cannot properly control limbs and thats in extreme cases. I love the fragrance of vix but one must have self control and know when to cut off for a month and slowly ween off it.

  26. dirtyburdy

    I began using it when I had strong headaches.. I would place some on my temples and it would actually help tremendously. Also with any migraines, I would place a slight rub on my eye lids and it would help me go to sleep πŸ™‚

    I dont believe its gonna do anything as long as you dont use it 24/7… I tend to place it on my nostrils and eye lids to got to bed 1-2 a week. IT helps with breathing and the minty sensation is SO GOOD.

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